Denning College for International Education Programmes

Denning College offers widely-recognized international pathway programs including the GCE A-levels and the International Foundation Diploma that will help you gain admission in the top national and international universities around the world.

Denning College is a proud partner of the Denning Education Group that boasts of the highest academic standards compared to any other institution in the country.

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Our Vision

To become the leaders in multi-disciplinary education and producing students with the skills necessary to excel and succeed at higher education and become part of the next generation of global leaders.

Our Mission

To provide high quality, innovative, and inspiring education programmes in an effective, supportive, safe, accessible and competitive learning environment, using state-of-the-art information technologies and facilities.

Mission Vision


The benefits of completing your education at Denning College are multifold and include:

  1. Quality Education: Denning College is a teaching centre for the GCE A-Level and International Foundation Diploma. Denning College academic excellence is drawn by years of experience teaching these programs based in the UK.
  2. Experienced Faculty: Denning College boasts of faculty that bring several years of local and foreign teaching experience and includes teachers who have taught at school, undergraduate and graduate levels. Our faculty is therefore unique for preparing students with the complete understanding of what to expect in the next stage of their academic lives. Our students are therefore best equipped to undertake higher education locally and around the world.
  3. Skill-Based Learning: In addition to obtaining the highest grades, our students develop hands-on learning that is critical for success in higher education and in their long-term careers.
  4. Student-Centric: We pride ourselves as an institution that has a highly active and strong Student Council that empowers students to organize and execute the most activities throughout the academic year.


Thank you for your interest in our international programmes. At Denning College you’ll find a high-quality education system that is competitive and focuses on preparing you for your future.

Today, the role of a college is not only to strive for academic brilliance but also to inspire and enable its students to be constant learners, critical thinkers, and creative members of an ever-changing global society. The students become part of this educational institution where every stakeholder is a learner and every day is an opportunity to learn and discover. We look at ourselves as a close-knit community where students, teachers, staff and mentors come together, and learn together.

We ensure that all our teachers are abreast of the latest teaching pedagogies and strive to continually adapt to an ever-changing learning landscape. Moreover, we maintain an open-door policy where students are welcome anytime to further discuss classroom instruction. Our team is renowned to take care of its students, and has shown unprecedented levels of support for students anytime of the day or night. We believe education is a right and not a privilege and continue to strive to achieve that narrative.

We also understand that students require active engagement to navigate through a critical time in their lives where they stand at the crossroads of deciding their future path. Through our in-house career services and / or student counselling at Denning Consultants, the Denning family comes together to take care of its own, free of cost.

We hope to provide you with most answers to your questions here. However, we understand you may have unique queries, and thus invite you to visit us and learn more about our education philosophy.

Come September, we hope to welcome you to a brand new session at our state-of-the-art campuses located in DHA and PECHS Karachi.

Naeem Moochala,




GCE A-Levels

The GCE A-levels is a two-year international programme offered by the CAIE, one of the top institutions in the world and can be completed directly after your O-Levels or Matriculation.

We would like to highlight that Denning College is not currently registered as a Cambridge Associate School with the British Council and this process is ongoing.

Subjects Offered: Accounting, Business, Economics, Mathematics, Law, Urdu, Sociology, Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, Biology.







International Foundation Diploma

The International Foundation Diploma is a one-year international programme offered by NCC Education, that is accepted as a pathway for entry at more than 80 institutions (including the University of London) directly after your O-Levels or Matriculation.

Modules Offered: Developing English Language Skills, Advanced English Language Skills, English for Academic Purposes, Study and Communication Skills, Culture Studies, Foundation Mathematics, Introduction to Computer Science, Introduction to Programming, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Accounting and Economics, Further Mathematics.

Developing English Language Skills

This module helps students to develop English language skills to be able to communicate effectively beyond simple everyday contexts. It aims to improve one’s reading, writing, listening and speaking and enables students to acquire a broad range of knowledge which can be used to confidently and effectively communicate in English. It guides students through Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels of English language study.

Advanced English Language Skills

This module enables a student to put into practice the language acquired and develop this into an advanced user of English. Students will make extensive use of the four skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing, as well as extending the knowledge of complex grammar and advanced vocabulary.

English for Academic Purposes

This module helps students to develop the understanding and use of key linguistic skills where necessary to engage effectively in an academic environment.

Study and Communication Skills

This module equips students with the essential study skills needed to succeed at university level. Students will learn the basic skills necessary to conduct independent research, write academic papers, give formal oral presentations and apply what has been taught during lectures to your studies.

Culture Studies

This module enables students to gain awareness and an increased understanding of other cultures. Students will learn about various features of a foreign country and its culture, with a particular focus on student life and studying abroad.

Foundation Mathematics

This module builds upon student’s knowledge of mathematics whilst introducing new topics appropriate across a range of academic disciplines and for their future career.

A further two units must be taken from a choice of eight electives (subject to availability).

Introduction to Computer Science

This module provides a basic introduction to a range of IT topics including organisation of a computer system, the relationship between hardware and software, applications of computers, databases, networking (with a focus on the Internet), graphics and multimedia.

Introduction to Programming

This module exposes students to extensive practical use of the modern programming language Visual Basic, to illustrate the classic programming principles of sequencing, selection and iteration in the context of object-oriented computer programming.

Introduction to Business

This module provides an introduction to the purpose, types and organisation of businesses. Students become familiar with a range of business concepts such as basic marketing practices.

Introduction to Accounting and Economics

This module introduces the key principles of accounting and economics. Students become accustomed to concepts such as market structures and monetary policy and also learn how to produce simple financial statements.

Further Mathematics

This module provides students with an understanding of different mathematical concepts and ideas, building on the work covered in the Foundation Mathematics module. It will allow students to develop further algebraic techniques on a broad range of mathematical topics, building towards areas often seen and used in university courses.

Fee Structure

GCE A-Levels

Rs. 225,000/ year*
  • Admission Fees - Rs. 50,000/-
  • Tuition Fee - Rs. 150,000/-
  • Facilities Fee - Rs. 10,000/-
  • Library Fee - Rs. 5,000/-
  • Event Fee - Rs. 10,000/-

For students opting for the GCE A-Levels program the aforementioned fee structure is valid for academic year 2020-2021 session.


International Foundation Diploma

Rs. 250,000/ year*
  • Admission Fees - Rs. 20,000/-
  • Tuition Fee - Rs. 220,000/-
  • Library Fee - Rs. 5,000/-
  • Student Activity Fee - Rs. 5,000/-

*For students opting for the International Foundation Diploma program the aforementioned fee structure is valid for academic year 2020-2021 session.


Registration Form

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For regular candidates

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  3. School Leaving Certificates (if any)
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  6. Class 9 final grade sheet (mid-term and final)
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  8. Class 10 CAIE O Level result
  9. Class 11 grade sheet (mid-term and final)
  10. Class 11 CAIE O level statement results (when available)
  11. Student’s B-form, Juvenile Card or CNIC, whichever is most recent
  12. Parents’ and guardian’s CNIC

For private candidates

  1. O Levels and AS Levels (if applicable) certificates and statement of results, OR
  2. Matriculation / Intermediate certificates and marksheets
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  6. Class 10 O Level CAIE statement of results
  7. Class 11 O Level CAIE statement of results
  8. Stamped bank deposit slip from Standard Chartered Bank for Class11 CAIE O Level registration for minimum 6 subjects
  9. Student's B-form, Juvenile Card or CNIC. whichever is most recent
  10. Parents’ and guardian’s CNIC
Statement of DeclarationI certify that the information provided above is authentic and complete. I understand that failure to provide the correct, accurate and complete information will dismiss me even after my enrollment and acceptance at Denning College. I, hereby, acknowledge that Denning College may verify the information I have provided using all means deemed necessary.



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